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Practice Areas

The Copenbarger & Copenbarger Law Firm is dedicated to providing quality detailed and professional work to our clients. There are many propriatary and unique pieces of our documents that set us apart from others in our field, which stem from the more than 145 years of combined experience of our attorneys. Call today to schedule your free attorney consultation. 
Estate Planning

Estate planning is the practice of arranging for the transfer of assets and the protection of survivors in the event of someone’s death or incapacity. Estate plans not only transfer property after one’s death, they assist in the transfer of the control of businesses, the establishment of guardians for dependents, the financial care of dependents, the establishment of care for the settlors, and can even help ease tax burdens. The most common estate planning instruments are wills and living trusts. Contrary to what you may believe, even if you don’t currently posses a will or a living trust, you have an estate plan. Your plan is what the state has set forth in the Probate Code. Persons who want more control over the final distribution of their property or destination of their children need to plan ahead of time so that they can avoid using the state’s plan.




Trust Administration

Copenbarger attorneys are equipped to assist successor trustees in navigating the process of administering a trust after the settlor’s death or incapacity. We will help the trustee to fulfill several legal requirements, will guide the trustee through the administrative process, and will advise the trustee on income and estate tax issues and in preparing estate tax returns. The goal is to provide the trustee with the maximum amount of protection from both public and private interests. Administering a trust can be difficult and confusing. Anyone who is currently administering a trust or who will someday be responsible for the administration of a trust could benefit from our expertise.



Probate is the administration of a deceased person’s estate when the decedent died without an estate plan or with a Last Will and Testament. Our attorneys will assist with all legal filings and will advise the administrator or executor of the estate on post-mortem business, tax, and estate planning matters. Persons named as executors or administrators of an estate or, where no one has been named, persons who are descendants of the deceased person could benefit from the probate expertise of the attorneys at Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP. Probate proceedings assisted by our law firm involve the transfer of the deceased person’s assets without formal court proceedings when possible.



Medi-Cal Qualification  and Wealth Transfer

The attorneys and staff at

Copenbarger & Copenbarger, LLP have an in-depth understanding of how to qualify clients for

Medi-Cal, and how to counsel families on transferring assets to the next generation.

Business Formation

The attorneys at Copenbarger & Copenbarger, LLP. can assist clients in the establishment of business entities by counseling the client on the type of entity that will satisfy the client’s objectives, by preparing and filing the necessary documents to ensure that the entity has been established as required by law, and by maintaining ongoing business counsel relations with the client after the entity is established. We would be happy to assist anyone establishing a new business or managing a current business that needs representation due to legal, tax, or corporate governance matters.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is used to minimize the client’s income and estate tax consequences for their estates through the use of business entities, trusts, and other tax strategies and is essential for those who believe they are subjected to too much tax.