Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced estate planning—is planning that is implemented with the purpose of minimizing taxes and protecting assets. Advanced estate planning goes beyond planning with a simple will or basic living trust. It is most often implemented for high-net worth families with valuable, or taxable estates and for families with charitable inclinations.

Advanced estate planning goes beyond the basic planning foundations of estate planning and provides options for minimizing or even eliminating estate taxes. Advanced estate planning can be used to perpetuate family values, leaving a legacy and protecting family wealth for future generations.

Advanced Planning involves the use of highly specialized trusts that need to conform to stringent IRS and State rules. If you want to learn how these planning strategies can help you and your family contact our office.

    Advanced Estate Planning for High-Net Worth Families

    Advanced Planning for high-net worth families involves several planning strategies with various options for each. Each planning option is used to address a specific goal and result. Some of the planning strategies involve the following types of trusts.

    1. SLATs – spousal lifetime access trusts that permit each spouse to be a beneficiary of the trust created by the other spouse.
    2. DAPTs – self-settled domestic asset protection trusts that permit access by naming the settlor as a beneficiary.
    3. Hybrid DAPTs – non-self-settled trusts that permit access by giving someone a non-fiduciary power to add beneficiaries from a class that includes the settlor.
    4. GRATs – Grantor (Settlor) retained annuity trusts.
    5. SPLATs – Split purchase annuity trusts – two parties purchase an interest in an asset (e.g. the client and a GST exempt trust) and share ownership much like a GRAT.
    6. SPATs – Special power of appointment trusts that permit access but avoid self-settled trust status.

    Advanced planning can benefit you, not just your heirs. Litigation and bankruptcies increase when the economy falters, hence the uncertainty in a changing environment makes Advanced Estate Planning quite important. Economic unceartanty, stock market volatility, recession fears, and foreclosures increase the need to learn how best to protect your high-net worth estate.

    Why Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP?

    The process of making sure you have the legal protections in place. To make sure you, your family, and your financial resources are properly protected. This requires you to help the attorney determine what are the most important areas of your life to secure. It involves asking the what if questions of life. How can I best protect my estate, how can I best eliminate taxes, how can I leave a legacy. At Copenbarger & Copenbarger we can help you implement options that can help you achieve your goals.