Business & Tax Planning

The Copenbarger & Copenbarger business & tax department can address all of the legal and tax needs of your rental property or closely-held business.

We can help you if you answer “yes” to any of the following:

  • Do I want to protect my personal assets from lawsuits that might arise from my rental property?
  • Do I understand that using an internet program to form a business entity might result in no protection at all and even unexpected fees?
  • Do I want to explore ways to defer capital gains tax on the sale of a highly appreciated asset?
  • Does my family know what I want to be done with my small business if something should happen to me?
  • Have I failed to sign annual minutes for my corporation and know minutes need to be broad enough but not too broad in case I am sued?
  • Have I (or my elderly parent) failed to file some personal income tax returns?

We are here to help you protect your assets from litigants, taxing authorities and others.
Whether you are just looking into options or know exactly what you want, we can assist you in addressing your rental property, business and tax needs.

    About Our Business & Tax Planning

    Business matters

    The Business & Tax Department is led by Sunny Boren, Attorney, CPA and 2020 candidate for an LLM degree (an advanced tax law degree) from Chapman Law School.


    We carefully help you analyze the best entity choice for a new business or existing real estate rental. We also advise of the benefits and possible downsides of various entities.

    As you likely know, our local courts are becoming more aggressive in protecting tenants when an injury occurs on rental property.

    When a tenant’s dog injured someone many blocks away from the rental property, a landlord was held liable. Likewise, a landlord was held liable when a tenant drunkenly stumbled through a well-kept stair railing . . . Heaven forbid a child incur a life-debilitating injury upon a fall through a loose window screen, or someone incurs any other type of injury on the property.

    The good news is that these situations are entirely avoidable, and my mission at Copenbarger Law Firm is to help you learn the tools and strategies that are available in California to accomplish your goals, keep your properties safe, and give you peace of mind.

    I also can help you take a “big picture” look at how your investment properties may be affected in the event of your death or incapacity, and can do an analysis of your tax situation to ensure that as much of your hard-earned wealth goes to your family and not the government when you pass away, or if you simply decide to sell a property down the road.

    For example:

      • Limited liability companies can help protect your personal assets from claims arising from a rental property. Even long-term tenants will sue is a child is seriously hurt.
      • A limited liability company can be structured to help consultants avoid self-employment taxes.


    We emphasize your specific situation and goals when we advise about both day-to-day matters and major transactions. And we carefully crafts contracts to meet your specific situation and goals.

    Tax planning

    We advise clients about the tax ramifications of planned transactions. We analyze all relevant taxes: income, capital gains, estate, gift and California property taxes.

    Tax returns

    We prepare estate and gift tax returns and any needed income tax returns.

    Buy-Sell Agreements

    A Buy-Sell Agreement is an agreement among two or more business owners that establishes rules allowing and sometimes requires the transfer of the business ownership upon a death or disability. We guide the owners in analyzing possible future events and considering what provisions and protections should be implemented. Often, insurance (life, business interruption and/or disability insurance) can assure the immediate continuity of operations and provide for ownership purchases.


    Our work in business and tax matters promotes a high level of continuity for estate planning clients who need guidance in business planning or tax planning. Continuing with our department will ease your heirs’ transition respecting both business and tax matters after your lifetime has ended.

    It might be tempting to search the internet so that you can “do it yourself” for a contract, S-Corp minutes or even an entity. But our personalized legal analysis sets us completely above internet programs. And you have nothing to lose by getting a “second opinion” from us.

    Schedule a zoom meeting or call with Sunny to see how she can assist! If you need advice about how to structure your business or to sell a property, the sooner you schedule, the better the options available to you!

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