Pet & Gun Trusts

A Pet Trust is language within your estate plan to protect the furry friends you love and cherish.

If you have a beloved pet and want to ensure it is taken care of should something happen to you, you’ll want to create a Pet Trust.

Some questions to ask yourself before you set up a Pet Trust are:

  • Do I have a pet?
  • Do I know what would happen to my pet if I was no longer able to take care of it?
  • Who do I know that will provide the same love and support to my pet that I feel like they need?

Create a Pet or Gun Trust today!

We are here to help you protect the things you care about most and sometimes, those are the furry friends who cannot speak for themselves. If you have a beloved pet that you would like extra protection for, we are here to help!

    What is a Pet Trust?

    California state law says you can create a trust for the care of your pet for the life of your pet.  You can protect your pets by having a simple form of a Pet Trust written within your Revocable Trust. You will have peace of mind that your beloved pet will be cared for in case you become unable to care for them.

    Your trust can name a trusted family member or friend to care for your pet. You can leave money for your pet in your trust, ensuring that your pet is well-cared for. If your Pet dies before you, the money in the Pet Trust can be left to another “contingent beneficiary” , perhaps a no-kill shelter or animal welfare organization. Also, you can contact and/or donate money to an organization so they can be relied on to ensure your pet is getting the care you wish for them to have.

    We are “Pet Lovers” and we will prepare a trust that will give you peace of mind that your beloved pet is well cared for during and after your lifetime.

    What is a Gun Trust?

    There are certain firearms that are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and Title II of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (NFA or Title II firearms).

    A Gun Trust is a legal document that can assure that firearms regulated by the NFA and other types of guns do not have to be turned over to law enforcement agencies upon the death of the gun owner.

    You can name your own trustees and beneficiaries and give them all the rights that you have granted within the Gun Trust. Also leaving your guns controlled by the terms of your gun Trust you can avoid possible fighting over the guns by your beneficiaries.

    Your Gun Trust can be used so that you follow all federal, state and local laws that apply to NFA guns.

    The contents of a gun trust are no different from any other revocable trust, except for references and terms related to firearms and the Act. Although a gun trust can be irrevocable, a revocable trust may be preferred; the contents of the trust may change frequently during the settlor’s lifetime.

    The Settlor (that is, the gun owner) creates a trust during his lifetime for his benefit, naming himself as a trustee. The trust should make specific references to an intent to comply with the Gun Control Act and National Firearms Act. It is also important to note in the trust’s statement of intent that the trust is created specifically to comply with local, state, and federal laws on firearms in its administration and interpretation. The trust should be created with the formalities of a revocable trust under California laws. The gun trust should be a stand-alone trust, as opposed to being incorporated into an existing revocable trust.

    We can help you prepare a Gun Trust.

    Why Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP?

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