2020 Family Protection Seminars

For over 40 years we have educated clients throughout California about the importance of estate planning.

 While we are unable to conduct our live seminars now, we wanted to bring our Family Protection seminar to you in the comfort of your own home.

Below you will find all of the same components of the annual seminar but in an online format. We have broken the seminar into sections for your convenience. Please fill out the contact form on this page to let us know how we can best keep you and your resources protected.


Use the downloads below to help follow along or sign up for our Access Membership.

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    Introduction (0:00 – 8:35)

    Copenbarger & Copenbarger’s mission is to provide high quality legal services and education to our community of friends and neighbors while carrying out our purpose with integrity, honesty, honor, and trust.

    In this segment we (re)introduce ourselves, this year’s seminar, and announce updates about the firm including: our attorneys, office locations, and important firm announcements. This segment is great for those who want to know about who we are, where we serve clients and what areas we can help you. If you would like to meet with us, or get more information about us, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you. 

    Foundations of Estate Planning (8:36 – 20:34)

    This segment is a great introduction to what estate planning is and why it is important, it is also a great reminder of the basics. 

    We discuss what an estate is and who needs to plan for one and how wills and trusts have different designs to accomplish different goals. Why appointing financial and medical representatives is important, especially before an emergency.

     If you do not have these foundational documents accurately in place, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

    When to Update Your Estate Plan (20:35 – 32:07)

    This segment focuses on the most common estate planning mistakes and how to keep your plan current during these uncertain times. 

    *This segment references a life and legacy checklist that will help you determine if there are areas we should meet on. The document is available at the top of this page for download.*

    Due to the fast changing environment, we want to be certain that you have an up-to-date estate plan that still reflects your wishes and is designed to work when your family needs it most. If it has been more than three years since you have updated your estate plan, or if you have experienced any significant life changes like getting married or purchasing a home, it is a good idea that we review your documents with you. We want to ensure your plan reflects an accurate snapshot of your life right now and that it is properly utilizing all new state and federal laws. 

    If you would like to review your plan, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

    Access Membership (32:08 – 36:38)

    This segment discusses our lifetime Access Membership program. Your one-time membership fee includes all the following benefits, which are renewed annually for you and your spouse’s lifetime: 

    •   2 Hours of free Attorney Consultation time for you or anyone* you choose
    •   A $300.00 annual credit on estate planning document preparation fees for you or anyone* you choose
    •   Free estate planning telephone consultations
    •   24-hour internet access to your Powers of Attorney for Healthcare via our website, Copenbarger.com
    •   No extra charge for house or hospital calls for members in California who are unable to travel
    •   Free parking at our offices and Client Seminars
    •   Access card with your special account numbers
    •   Special Access Member privileges, perks, and appreciation events
    • These savings and benefits also extend to your Successor Trustee in the settling of your estate (Call our office for more information regarding the benefits that are available to administer your estate: 800-244-8814)

     Another benefit of your membership is that you can give unlimited new client referrals.  Each new client that you refer receives the equivalent benefits of your $300.00 credit and 2 free hours of attorney time at their first appointment.  The best part about making a referral is that no matter how many referrals you make, you will always have your own benefits to use yearly!

     Your benefits renew every year on your Access anniversary date (printed on your Access card).

     Always feel free to call us with any questions, to make a referral, or to schedule your review appointment!  800-244-8814

    The SECURE Act (0:00 – 10:36)

    This segment discusses the new SECURE Act and how the new law impacts everyone with a 401K, IRA, or other retirement assets. 

    Congress has passed a law that will raise the taxes on your children and grandchildren by drastically changing how some assets you leave them will be taxed. The New Tax Law (The SECURE Act) impacts retirement plans and is the most significant change to retirement plans in years. We discuss how the Secure Act impacts your current and future estate plans.

    Beneficiaries of IRAs, 401ks, and any other assets will be affected. To learn more and avoid tax disasters under the new act, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

    Protective Planning Provisions (10:37-38:22)

    This segment examines different protective planning provisions and strategies you may want to consider in the development of your plan.

    Every plan we create is tailored to your situation and desired level of protection. We have special protective provisions that address the realities that some families face. Whether it is planning for taxes, remarrying spouses (yours or your children’s), substance abuse issues, blended families, or a long list of other “what if’s”, we have solutions. 

    Addressing the real issues can bring you peace of mind. To make sure your plan has all the levels of protection for your family (including pets), fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

    Preventing Nursing Home Poverty with Medi-Cal (38:23-39:56)

    In this segment, we address the significant issues facing those (statistically 35% percent of people age 65+) who will need long-term care and how we can help avoid the devastating financial impact on estates. 

    Estate plans are not just for passing items to the living. Preventative planning allows you to have choices for your long-term care planning options without depleting everything you built in just a few months because of the cost of care! Plan when you can, before a crisis.

    If you or someone you know is facing long term care costs or if you want to learn how Copenbarger & Copenbarger can help you protect your estate, fill out the form above, and we will schedule an appointment right away. 

    Leaving a Lasting Legacy (39:57 – 1:00:03)

    This segment is for anyone who wants to learn more about leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come that goes beyond just the material things. 

    How do you want to live out the rest of your “golden” years? This segment addresses what you need to be thinking about when choosing a nursing home. What type of care do you want? How often do you want your hair done? Do you want ice cream with your dinner? These are topics most people do not think about before it’s too late. 

    Often when thinking of your estate, you think about all of the “stuff” you have, but how often do you plan your legacy? The one your family will carry on after you are gone. It is never too late to begin thinking of what your legacy means to you. Our founder, Lloyd Copenbarger, discusses the meaning of legacy and what you can do to begin thinking of yours, if you have not already. 

    What part of your legacy are you leaving to the Kingdom? Lloyd also discusses leaving a potion of your estate to your church or charity of your choice by using a Charitable Remainder Trust. 

    If you want to discuss how Copenbarger & Copenbarger can help you create a lasting legacy or help you include charitable donations to churches or charities of your choice in your estate plan, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

    Lifestyle Financial Services (00:00-7:24)

    Lifestyle Financial specializes in helping individuals and families accomplish their financial goals. Whether you are planning for retirement, sending a child to college, or transitioning jobs, we are here to help you with your investments, life insurance, and financial planning needs. Let’s create a plan together, and work towards accomplishing your goals today. 

    Business & Tax (00:00-8:10)

    This segment reviews our business and tax services which includes: contracts, entity formations, charitable giving, pre & post-nuptial agreements, not-for-profits along with gift and estate taxes.

    Keeping your tax burden low and shielding your assets from lawsuits, creditors, and predators can be a real headache as a homeowner. Have you lost sleep worrying that someone will get injured on your property? We have some tips that can help keep your California properties secure and your personal assets safely out out-of-reach if something happens. 

    As both an attorney and CPA, Sunny Boren possesses a unique perspective and is ready to work with you. If you are in need of Copenbarger & Copenbarger’s business or tax services, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.  

    Estate Administration & Probate (0:00 – 38:44)

    This segment discusses incapacity, estate administration, beneficiary rights, estate litigation, and remedies of post death complications. This section is not just for those who have lost someone or are expecting to lose someone. Viewing this session will help you think about what scenarios your loved ones can avoid by adjusting your planning now.  

    This section focuses on the difficult discussion of losing a loved one and the legal steps that are required after a loss occurs. We will walk with you through the process of estate administration and show you how we can help if or when you lose someone. 

    Is your estate plan clear enough to be carried out the way you want it? Will it avoid the agony of estate litigation or probate? Being named a Successor Trustee can be overwhelming if a plan is not properly established. We discuss the duties of trustees along with common beneficiary concerns and questions that most frequently occur. We can help you navigate the legal steps when a crisis occurs. 

    If you have concerns in any of these areas, fill out the contact form and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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