Your Orange County Business and Tax attorneys want you to know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of California have announced that many taxpayers in California will have until October 16, 2023, to file their tax returns. This tax extension was granted due to the extreme weather conditions that have disrupted the lives of many Californians.  As of  now, however, the tax authorities are not requiring taxpayers to show actual damage to qualify for the extensions.

The tax extension applies to individuals, businesses, and those with tax obligations from previous years. This means that you may have an additional six months to file your tax returns and pay any tax due without incurring interest or penalties.

The tax extension only applies to counties named by the IRS and/or the State – and the lists are different! California taxpayers residing in a county only listed by one tax authority are still required to comply with standard deadlines. Therefore, individuals and businesses should consult with their tax advisors to ensure that they are meeting all their obligations.

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