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Think for a moment about the relief you experienced just a few months ago when you filed your returns for tax time.  You worked hard, you got everything organized and in order, and you had a chance to evaluate your finances and asset portfolio. As Orange County will lawyers, we think you would agree that taking these steps each year is empowering.  True financial freedom always starts with taking an honest look at all your numbers and seeing how you can perhaps do things differently or improve upon your financial situation from the previous year.


But you know what else is empowering?  Knowing where you would stand both legally and financially in the event you face a life crisis this year such as disability, illness, divorce, lawsuits, or death. These situations happen every single day and often without warning.  .

Would you and your family be prepared?

If you’re not sure, as we head into the summer, why stop at just tax planning?  With your key financial documents organized and in hand, now is the perfect time to think about estate planning and how to ensure that your assets, wishes, and the people you love would be protected if the unthinkable happens. Besides, you’re halfway there already!  Gathering your documents is the hardest part.  Now you have the ability to step back, analyze your situation. and uncover any “holes” in your planning that could spell out trouble for you and the people you love.

 Orange County Will Lawyers

We are here to help you get the ball rolling.  In honor of Independence Day, we are opening up spaces on our calendar in July to offer free planning sessions to anyone who does not have an estate plan in place. 

 During our time together, we will dig deep into what financial freedom means to you and help you create a blueprint to achieve your goals. Perhaps for you, that means:

  • Knowing that your assets are protected from the reach of creditors, predators, or nursing homes?
  • That your wishes are clearly spelled out in a will so that your family doesn’t fight when you are gone?
  • Laying your head down at night knowing that your kids would be raised by someone you trust if something happened to you?
  • Maybe it’s knowing that your personal assets are safely insulated and protected from risks in your business?


Whatever your goals are, we can help you create a plan that offers the protection and peace of mind that you are looking for.

Don’t wait to get started!  This is definitely one financial goal that you can easily check off the “to-do” list.  The peace of mind you’ll experience is priceless.  Contact us at (800) 244-8814 to schedule an appointment at our Orange County law firm or one of our many other locations located throughout the state of California 

If you have any further questions about asset protection planning and strategies to shield your wealth, or if you’d like to have your current asset protection plan reviewed to make sure it still meets your needs, please contact us at our California asset protection office at 800-244-8814 to set up a consultation.

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